Lookup multiple relation?

Hi, there are multiple posts on this topic (no direct possibility to “work” on the content of a Lookup of a Multiple Relation).

One of my need is to make a screen filter on the Users that the Lookup is bringing back.
Do the recent Glide adds-on enable this?

Thanks in advance

What exact condition do you want for that multiple relation - lookup?

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Hi @ThinhDinh, a feature of the app is for projects Creators to share them with Assessors.

1 project can be shared multiple times with different assessors. Ex:

  • Sharing 1 of project X with assessors a, b
  • Sharing 2 of project X with assessor c, d.

Tabs structure (on this topic):
Tab 1- Projects: 1 row = 1 project
Tab 2- Sharings: 1 row = 1 sharing of 1 project, but with possibly multiple assessors

=> Objective Tab 3- Assessor’s dashboard: inline list of each project received for assessment, therefore filtered by assessor (email) having received the project* + the detailed view of the inline list should be the “project”…
nb: this tab 3 is not based upon Tabs 1 and 2 because it includes other analytics addressed by other tabs.

At this stage I am “workarounding” this with x different tabs & y columns which is so complicated that I even don’t understand it anymore myself and makes Trebuchet look simple!


way too confusing to analyze it… it is the kind of problem that you might wanna break down to step by step explanation and solution scenario

Yes you’re right.

In general, is there a method to “read” the content of the LookUp of a Multiple Relation (knowing that I am working on Glide tables)?


I’m afraid not… only single relation… you might wanna break down in YC column and then create a relation… and always bring results from YC by repeat it in single value columns

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I suppose that a workaround, to be customized on each use case, is to create a dedicated “single relation” based upon two templates column including some rowid and the criteria that we want to filter.