Tricked by a "Split + Multiple relation + Lookup"

Hi, I am struggling with a combo of split, multiple relation and lookup…
As illustrated in the picture below, the objective is to

  • table [company]: assign some “advisor(s)” to a company, knowing that 1 advisor can be in several companies
  • table [user]: find the company(ies) assigned to each advisor.

I don’t get why the Lookup function does not work, while the Relation works…?

Many thanks for your insights

So the relation does have the proper matches, but the lookup is completely empty? Have you selected or unselected the multiple flag in the past? Have you renamed any columns in the past? What happens if you create a new relation column and a new lookup column?


Did what you recommand (re-create Relation & Lookup) and magic, it works!
So weird.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager


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Ha, mentally bookmarking this .

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It used to be a lot worse, but on rare occasions, it seems that renaming a column or changing the multiple flag after the column has been created seems to put it in a partially broken state. Not sure why, but recreating the columns seems to take care of it. Glad that worked for you.