Choice and Lookup

Here, when I select more than two items in Choice, my worksheet is blank in that specific cell where it should have two Row IDs.

Also the [Title] in the [Details] item is not recognizing the Lookup column. I remember that I recognized it and now it isn’t.

Can you attach a video or some screenshots of the supposed bug? Thank you.

Image 01:

Yes, first correcting the message above, in fact in the column [FK ID Categoria] appears the two Rows ID referring to the Categories table (image 01) when I select more than one option in Choice.

Image 02:

In image 02, see that the Relation, even with Match Multiple activated, is not returning the information. Lookup is also not returning any information. Note that I have marked with an arrow in the specific cell in the columns respectively.

Image 03:

In image 03 [Title] doesn’t recognize the Lookup in [Details], even if I don’t use Match Multiple in Relation.

First of all, your FK ID Categoria column is a basic text column. Unless your relation finds an exact match in your related table (another column that also contains to ID’s separated by a comma), then it is not going to find anything. Instead you need to use a Split Text column to split the comma separated list of ID’s into an array. Then use that array in you relation column. That way the relation can properly check each individual ID to see if there is a match.

In summary, create a Split Text column and use that in your relation.

If you intend to use a Lookup in a Title component, then it does need to be from a single relation (multiple unchecked). Although, I’m not sure how you intend to have multiple ID’s return multiple matching rows with multiple Lookups and display that in a Title component that’s capable of displaying only a single value.


Thanks for the information. I forgot about SplitText.
There are times when an item can be in two categories at the same time.

In Title it is not so important to show which categories belong. In the List, yes, because they will be Inline Lists with specific filters by categories.

I’ll trade the Bug for Help! And thanks for the information.

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