Filter not working on relation/lookup field


The in app filter works fine. But when i try to use filter [ref (2) on the image] - it only offers me ‘is empty’ or ‘is not empty’.

Greatly appreciated if anyone has any ideas here. The ‘Company’ field in my case is a lookup field based on a relation.

It’s probably because the relation for the lookup is set to multiple. Set it to single and you should get more options in the lookup.

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Hi Jeff, thanks so much.

I think I cannot, i feel like it will break something else. see the screenshot.

It makes me think i did my relation setup badly - it is not intuitive how the issues relation column is lists some grouped field. i think i asked about that on a prior post here, and i thought someone said that it was ‘ok’ that the relation column looked like that,. It feels strange, and unintuitive to me. i would expect the relation to be at the record level, or at the store location level not the 'retail/corporate ’ level of grouping… this is NOT a distinction for the region_mkt.

should i go back and try and refigure out the division sheet, and relations part of that ?


Yeah preferably you want to keep the multiple and present a single or multiple array to match any of the ones in that selecting. I’ve gotten there many times. Then you have to go back into the Data Manager and create a different selection to only the results you want to see.

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Hi thanks so much for jumping in Naos. I am not sure I understand quite what to do now, but this is at least giving me a lead to look into, and nice to know i’m not the only one to run into issues in this aspect. I really appreciate it.

This is definitely the most confusing aspect of glide for me so far.

What I do is I take the time to draw / write out what it is I want done.
What information from where needs to be shown. You find that then maybe you’re base screen shouldn’t be (for instance) Profile but Messages. You just need to bring some single values over from Profile to Messages.

Does that make sense?

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I will try do that.

I mostly don’t understand why the filter works as expected in the ‘in app’ filter, and does not work at all in the regular filter.

Maybe drawing it out will help me understand how I have to re-architect to get it to work.

Thanks Naos :+1:

What you see in a relation is the first column value of the related rows. It’s still pulling the entire row, but shows the first column value just so you know that something was found. In reality, it’s the entire row that pulled back in a relation. Not individual columns. That’s where the lookup comes in. When you set up a lookup against a multiple relation, then the lookup can potentially pull back an array of multiple values. You can’t use multiple values in something that only expects a single value. The best the filter can do is look at the array of multiple values as a whole and only offer you the option to filter if that array is empty or not.

I don’t know what you are ultimately trying to achieve with your data, so it’s hard to give exact advice. As @Naos_Wilbrink explained, maybe it’s best to draw out what you want and connect how everything is tied together.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager @Naos_Wilbrink, I found a hack. I had to relabel some underlying data. Painful, but seemed net less work and faster vs drawing it out , responding here, then trying to implement that . Unfortunately I"m not closer to understanding why the app did not behave as expected, but my immediate issue is dealt with. I recognize it is likely either an understanding gap or expectation gap or both on my part, so I appreciate you guys helping me understand that .

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