Lookup with a multiple relation column

I’d like to add a lookup column with a multiple relation column, is it possible ?
My case of use :

  • sheet “users rights” with 2 columns “project” and “user email”. I can have many rows with different users email for the same project.
  • sheet “project”

I’d want add a lookup column in the project’s sheet with all the email authorized for the project. Then, i could have a tab in my app with per-user-data based on this lookup column.

I hope my request is clear.

Hi there Oliver, @Mark and I were just talking about this yesterday. At the moment you can’t do this but we definitely want to make that possible in future.

Mark - if you have any suggestions for @Olivier_Gibier that would be awesome.

Yes, i think it’s a good way to manage rights user or groups.

Yes, that makes total sense.

This is now possible - in the image below you can see a multiple relation and then a lookup column that pulls back all the users who are allowed access to this project. (tutorial coming soon)


Look great … but that goes by pretty fast. Can you do a slower animation or share the user projects app?

Hey @moses5407 - I just looked in my folders and can’t find the example app I made for this GIF. I may have tidied it into the trash at some point.

Also - I said tutorial coming ‘soon’, - still on my list! :wink: sorry!


  • create a list of projects in sheet1
  • create a column called user which will assign a users email to that row
  • you may create multiple duplicate entries of a project so you can assign it to different users using the email column eg:

Row1: Project A | john@gmail.com
Row2: Project A | sarah@gmail.com
Row3: Project B | mary@gmail.com
Row4: Project A | mary@gmail.com
Row5: Project C | john@gmail.com

  • then create a list of projects in sheet2 but with no duplication (i.e. a unique list of projects)

Row1: Project A
Row2: Project B
Row3: Project C

  • Then create a multi relation from sheet2 back to sheet1 to pull in all the instances of each project.
  • Then create a lookup column that looks through that relation and pulls back all the users that are ‘authorized’ for that project.

Let me know if you have any q’s

Thanks, Jack! The support here is second to none!

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Hi, Jack. I posted this in feature requests but wanted to also bring it up directly to you.
"If it’s helpful, here’s a link to an HTML5 in-browser QRcode scanner:

I’d also be open to contributing financially, if I can afford it, for this as well as a input type range slider component.

My interest is to have a QRCode reader and input range slider which I think would be helpful for many others as well.

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