Lookup with a multiple relation column

I’d like to add a lookup column with a multiple relation column, is it possible ?
My case of use :

  • sheet “users rights” with 2 columns “project” and “user email”. I can have many rows with different users email for the same project.
  • sheet “project”

I’d want add a lookup column in the project’s sheet with all the email authorized for the project. Then, i could have a tab in my app with per-user-data based on this lookup column.

I hope my request is clear.

Hi there Oliver, @Mark and I were just talking about this yesterday. At the moment you can’t do this but we definitely want to make that possible in future.

Mark - if you have any suggestions for @Olivier_Gibier that would be awesome.

Yes, i think it’s a good way to manage rights user or groups.

Yes, that makes total sense.

This is now possible - in the image below you can see a multiple relation and then a lookup column that pulls back all the users who are allowed access to this project. (tutorial coming soon)