Log History (Add/Update/Delete


I have added logging to my app so that every time a record is added/modified/deleted a record is written to a Google Sheet. I never access this Google sheet in the app as reference/relation/read, etc.

Will this practice affect the speed of my app as the database grows in size?

It depends. If you’re using an add-row action, then these rows will count against your quota which will inevitably cause speed issues. Glide “sees” sheets that you’re actively using—via actions, relations, or display.

The workaround would be to use a webhook to send the data to a third party like Integromat/Zapier to create the row…that way Glide never “sees” this log sheet.


I am using an add row action. I am also updating a “last updated” date on the user record through a relation, but of course, that does not add any data or rows.

I’m going to wait to mark your response as a solution and see if anyone else chimes in (also I need to review your tutorial) – the last one of yours I saw was 40 minutes long. This one, I see, is 15 minutes, but I am sure it will take longer than that to absorb. I appreciate your thoroughness and your unassuming way (you don’t assume we have all the knowledge you have!)

I would do what Bob suggested. The final destination doesn’t even have to be the same Google Spreadsheet. It could be some other sheet that isn’t even connected to the app.

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you can use on change google script, to copy, edited data to another sheet… add a new row and timestamp, and paste edited data… so you don’t need to do this in glide

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Thanks. My app consists of a mixture of Glide tables and Google sheets. The Google sheets are there so I can do post-production manipulation and reports. The source sheets are all in Glide. So in this particular case it must be done in Glide, but I will keep this neat suggestion in mind for future projects (I am not a Google Sheets “expert”.


Hi @David_Gabler

here is an app free to copy which has a change history:

  • it adds one only if change was made and
    -overwrites oldest log entries once quote was reached (actually instead of overwriting it is better to delete oldest and add new row, which is not implemented yet)
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Hi Gregory, I don’t see a link…


Oh, sorry
Here it is: In-app Change Log / History

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Thanks, Gregory, that really gave me some neat insight into the capabilities of Glide and creating a “wizard” to walk a user through changes.