How can I remove the google sheet

Hi, I just noticed that you can add a Google Sheet to an app that has only Glide Tables…

But I did it too quickly to an app I didn’t mean to do it to. Now my only option is to change to a different Google Sheet. There is no option to REMOVE the Google Sheet…


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I’m not sure if removing a Google sheet is an option just yet. If it’s affecting your storage, then you could just replace it with an empty Google sheet!

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Thank you. The sheet I have it pointed to is almost empty. I’m just concerned about the time (however brief) that it takes for the app to tag the Google sheet, especially once there are a lot of concurrent users. I do see that no matter how empty the sheet is, Glide starts using it for a tab of “logins”. So I know it’s hitting the sheet. However, Glide may be accessing a hidden Google sheet even if I don’t have one attached to the app, so it may be a moot point…

Have you designated a Glide table as your “User Profile” tab?

Yes, and it is working as expected. I originally assigned a Row ID to the user table to help normalize data elsewhere but found Glide was logging in and assigning the same person with the same email multiple Row IDs, so I removed that and went back to using the Email to normalize the other tables. I am not using Row Owners, but simulating them with relations (because of the need to actually share some rows with some other owners).

There is never any direct connection between a Glide App and a Google Sheet, so just the presence of one won’t cause any delays, and certainly not if the sheet isn’t referenced anywhere in the app.

The App: Logins sheet that you’ve noticed is just an informational log. Glide writes that data, but it’s never used in the app.

The only time you’ll ever see a Google Sheet causing delays for the client is if you’re performing calculations in the sheet, in which case users will have to wait for data to sync from the client to the Glide backend, to the Google sheet, back to the Glide backend, and finally back to the client. This is why it’s almost always a good idea to avoid doing any time sensitive calculations in a Google Sheet.


Thank you. This is the Logins tab that Glide is writing to. Yes, the only other tab in my app is never referenced nor written to.


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