List relation not behaving the same way in two tabs

This question might be the same as in this thread but I’m not sure so posting anyway.

I have two separate tabs: one for villas and one for hotels. For each hotel or villa, I list the country and when you click on the country, it takes you to another tab where there is a list of all the hotels or all the villas in that country.
I use the same component in the Villas or the Hotels tab for this: a relation component to the country. It works great in Villas, but not in Hotels.
I checked the settings for each component and it’s exactly the same.

What’s the problem?

Are the values in the relation the same (I assume the Country Name)? No extra spaces or capital letters in one but not the other? Could you share some screenshots of your sheets that show the columns and values used for the relation?

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I found the issue! I was using “list relation” as a component when I should have used “relation” only. All sorted. Thanks for having looked into it though.

Just curious, so your Villa view had a Relation, but your Hotel view had a List Relation. I looked at your screenshots, but everything looked good to me. Glad you figured it out.

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Yes, that was the case. They both needed to have “Relation” but only one had it.

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