Same link to screen button - different inline lists in different tabs

I have a sheet with 2 relation columns A and B.
In tab 1 of my app, I have a button that links to that sheet. Once you click on it, you should have access to the Inline list A.
In tab 2, I have a button that links to that same sheet. Once you click on it, you should have access to the Inline list B.
This was all working well until yesterday. Now, if I insert Inline list A in the Screen button of tab 1, it will appear in the Screen button of tab 2, and vice versa…
I don’t know how this happened, if it’s a bug or my mistake…
Do you know what might be happening?

You say it worked fine and all of a sudden it’s not working? That is strange. If you are pointing to the same tabsheet in the spreadsheet, how did you get a given button to only show the data for each relationship originally? I would have used the Feature / Filter for this for each Button view. For the Button action you can link to a Screen (aka tabsheet, even the hidden ones) but there is no option to the further point to a specific column within that Screen, so I’m not understanding how it worked to begin with. Any chance you could put together a small spreadsheet to demo what you are doing?

@George_B now i see that if we have a button in different areas or tabs of the app pointing to the same sheet, all the components of those buttons will be the same - if i change the components in one button, it changes the components of the other. i could swear this was working ok in my app before and suddenly changed, but maybe i’m just confused and didn’t notice that it was changing the other button.
shouldn’t it be possible to configure the 2 buttons independently, even though they point to the same sheet? button 1 has, as components, a title, an image and inline list A; button 2 (that links to that same sheets), has inline list B, a photo and a note.

I’m having a hard time understanding, sorry. Buttons don’t have components so what exactly do you have the Buttons action set to? Or are you talking about Form Buttons?

My question is why can’t I refer (link) to the same sheet in two different tabs and have different components in each?

Tab 1:

When I click the button By type:

When I click Actives:

So, there’s a Link to screen action in the button that connects to the sheet Raw materials type. Then, I choose the category and have an Inline list for the relation column I created with the Raw materials sheet.

Tab 2:

When I click the button Stock by type:

When I click Active:

Here, I want to access the Stock relation column, so I should be able to choose the Inline list Stock relation, but if I delete the Raw materials relation and add the Stock relation, it makes this same change in the Database tab:

Thank you, George!

Now I understand. You are referring to the same tab and sheet in both instances. It must be a Glide design decision that assumes at the detail level, if you are looking at the same sheet you would only need one detail view of it. And that is all they allow.

I would present a use case as to why you need two different detail views for the same sheet and ask for a feature request/change to allow this.

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thank you, @George_B, i will!

There is s screen variants option in staging that’s been there for awhile. I don’t know when it will be released, but I’m guessing that it would take c care of your situation. I haven’t played with it much, but if I understand correctly, it would allow you to point to the same sheet, but create multiple variant views of the data. Then you can select which view you want to use. I think I saw a recent comment from Mark that mentioned it, but they were still working out some bugs.

Here’s the comment:

Yes, Screen Variants will indeed solve that problem, but we still have work to do on it, and other things were more important in the mean time.

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Are screen variants now live?

I only see them in staging.