Relations Not Working?

I have this setup where its seeing datta form both sheets but it won’t allow me to add the relations widget in the layout. See here

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Not sure why it appears like that but if you’re willing to an inline list your relation would work well I believe.

The Relation component is only for single relations.
The Inline List and List Relation components are only for multiple relations.

If you are only expecting one match in your relation, then you can use a single relation and the Relation component. If you expect to have multiple matches in your relation, then you should be using the Inline List or List Relation. In most cases, I recommend using a multiple relation and an Inline List. The Inline List gives you the most customization for how the relation looks on the screen. In most cases, the only time that you would need a single relation is if you will have lookup columns against that relation that you want to use in single value components. There are a few rare instances where a lookup on a multiple relation is useful, such as an image component that can handle multiple images on the same component. There are other special cases, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of why you are experiencing what you are seeing.


Think I got it for now Little confusing… I guess if you have set multiple then needs to use list relations.

How would you add one manager to be the manger of multiple different locations if you only have one cell to associated that manager with a location? Is there a way to add multiple locations to one cell so you can associate one manager with say 3 different restaurants?

Also when I delete items on locations and clients if affects all the locations and clients which is what I want… On the staff page I have to go to every staff member and remove items ?

Hola @scott74

You can change the name of the relation where it says title inside the relation component.

With Glide, you can fix one list detail screen and the system will automatically fix the rest in that same list/tab.

I hope this is helpful.

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Yes I am able to do that on Clients and Locations … When I make a change it affects them all but the staff page I have to delete and add things individually to every staff member. Thanks for the help… maybe that’s a setting somewhere that its handling them indepedently

It could be. There’s a checkbox in the feature of the inlines that allows you to set them up independently. Go to feature and check if it is ticked.

hmmm… still can’t find anything. They are just items pulled from the data sheet. Don’t know where else to check…

Are all columns for your staff tab filled with information for every staff?

No some date of hire and BIO’s are not filled in on some?
Would that make it do that?

Yes! You will see the component but not the info.