Relations Help

I have a sheet set up with 4 tabs. These contain websites for our users. | Website URL | Department |
I then have another tab ‘Departments’. | Department |. In this sheet, I have IT, Office, Store, Leadership in rows
What I want is to have a relation in the Departments tab to show the department from the URL sheet. I have this setup and it shows in the data item in glideapps. But when I go to the Layout to add it I get the sheet doesn’t have a relation column. BUT in the data tab I I do have a relation column set with multiple. If I uncheck Multiple then it works but only shows 1 item. How can I get all the URLs that a department needs to show?

You cannot use a multiple relation with the Relation component. Please use Inline List or List Relation for that. Sorry, this is confusing and we will improve it.

If you still have trouble, please show us screenshots so we can see everything that’s configured.