Link to a web

In a sign-user/no-signer visibility tab

I want to create a button to open a webpage link

If it would just sign-user visibility I would not have a problem, but with no-signer visibility in the same tab I can not find a way to do it.

Using Zapier I can not find the trigger for the button to open de link.

Any ideas?

I’m not sure I understand. Do you have any screenshots of your problem?

Here is how to assign an open link action to a button.


Hi Jeff,

The problem is that the button, just going to show when "Email isn’t signed-in-user "

Because of that, we don’t have any email to bring up any url

What is your specific use case for this? What link are you trying to open in a web view?

a Hubspot Form for registration of new members

Why is your target column “Email” in that screenshot? I thought it would be a column contain the link to the form?

Yeah I’m confused on this too. If the button is only supposed to show when the email column doesn’t match the signed in user email, then why are you trying to link to whatever email is in that column? I think you need to describe more of what you are trying to do. I’d hate to keep guessing when it’s probably an easy answer.

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yes @ThinhDinh , the image is wrong, I just put the photo, because @Jeff_Hager ask for it.

the button is only supposed to send you to a url.
this url, is not in the data sheet…

I will try to explain better:

The principal page shows the user e-mail signed profile, but when the user is NOT an email signed, they will find a button (this button is not show for email signed profile ) where if they click, the would be sent to a url.

Hope my explanation is better, thanks very much for the help.

May I ask why don’t you have the URL in your sheet?

because the sheet just going to show the data of e-mail signed users.

if you are not e-mail signed, there is no way, some data show up in the app.

No, I mean the URL of the web you want to redirect people to. You said “this url, is not in the data sheet…”, why don’t you put it in there?

doesn’t matter if the url is there, is not going to bring it up, because there is no e-mail to search for the column

Let’s make this easier to understand.

So you want it to go like this:

  • If user is a member already, don’t show the button.
  • If user is not a member, show the button to the Hubspot form.

So, enable the user profiles option, have a column named “Membership” in your profile sheet that is linked with Hubspot data (when the user has signed up through Hubspot, their email in the profile sheet will be recorded as a member).

Come to the button, have the Hubspot form link inside your sheet in a separate column. Choose “open web view”, target is that column. Set visibility to link to the “Membership” column, only show it when Membership is false or empty.

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the first two bullets, are right

but there is a confusion later in the next paragraph.
They are not going to signed up through Hubspot. they are first visitor.

I’m not sure I follow here. You said, “the button is only supposed to send you to a url.”, what is that URL again?

the url is a HubSpot form, or for better understanding … I want to send them to any url.

So what distincts between a signed-up visitor and a first time visitor? Where do they sign up?

From what I understand, you are most likely using a known hack to activate the is signed-in user option while keeping an app public do you can have a non signed in user. Is that the case? And if so, what if you create a record with a blank email so a non signed in user will default to that record, which will contain the url you need for the button link. Any screenshots of your current setup would help us to understand better.

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@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager thanks for the help. I hope with this video explanation is better for understanding my problem

Gracias, si en verdad necesito ayuda ya que estoy aprendiendo a hacer mi aplicación y no puedo escanear la qr para instalarla en mi teléfono. Tampoco me puedo deslizar por la pantalla para ver todo el menú. Quería saber sable si esta limitación es por que estoy usando la versión gratuita …