Allow only signed in users to posts

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Once again a question on the already amazing tutorial on the Instagram look alike.

In this tutorial there is an explanation on how to sign in users. However they can add posts without being logged. Is there any trick to make the user sign in before he could use the app and submit a post?

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Yes, you can now add conditions to the Add button.


Yes but I can’t figure out how to because :

  • The button to add a post is on the “feed” tab and linked to a “Blank” sheet
  • The button to sign in is on the “profile” tab and linked to a “Profile” sheet

As far as understand it is possible to condition the visibility of the add button according to what happens in the “Blank” tab. However is it possible to link both, i.e. when something happens in the “Profile” tab (name and pic uploaded) then the add button appears on the “Feed” tab?

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  1. Add a template column to the Blank Tab sheet with a value that says ‘Profile’
  2. Add an identical template column to the Profile sheet with the same value of ‘Profile’
  3. Create a relation column in the Blank Tab sheet that links the Profile columns together in both sheets
  4. Create a lookup column in the Blank Tab sheet that gets the email address from the relation.
  5. Set visibility on the button to show when when the lookup column is signed in user.
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Thanks a lot for your help Jeff.

Edit: Actually, it seems not to be working for me.
Is this what I should have?
Capture d’écran 2020-03-10 à 02.50.24

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I feel like we’ve answered this a dozen times on this forum…is this a needed “template” or should we wait for feature upgrade?

Should look like this:

Is your lookup returning values in the data tab?

I think they are working on some profile features, so maybe that will provide better functionality. I think most of my answers have been regarding the same 5 or 10 questions. :wink: Template or not, I’m sure it will be asked again.


Hi Jeff,

Sorry to bother again but I’m still not able to make it.

Indeed the look up is not returning values.

What do your relation and lookup columns look like in the data tab? Should figure that out first. Glide will only show the sign in option under visibility once it recognizes that that your column has emails in it.

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Here is a look of the three columns

Is your template column empty??? From what I can see, it seems like you are setting everything up correctly, but make sure both of your template columns have values that match. I would also check the multiple box in the relation.

Indeed, the template column in the “Profile” tab would display “Profile” but the template column in the “Blank” tab won’t fill.
The button won’t show up neither when the user has his profile set up

See below the profile tab

I think I’m going to need to see more screenshots or a version of the app that I can copy. Everything seems fine and this should be relatively easy, but there is something missing that I’m not seeing.

Sure here is the link of a copy of the app
I allowed to copy the app as a template I hope it will work just as needed.
Thank you for the follow-ups

OK, now I understand why your template and everything else was blank. You just need to add a record in the Blank sheet. Doesn’t really matter what you put in cell A2, but you need to have something. Than will make your template/relation/lookup work. Then you can add a Visibility condition to only show the button when the lookup column is signed in user.

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It is finally working just as wanted. Thank you again for your help I would never have guessed this one.

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