🤯 In staging: Add & Edit Data Within the Layout View!

It all makes sense now—

…components list on the left and configuration panel on the right. It was to prepare for something like this!

Here’s a preview of things to come (sooner than later I hope)!


Okay I gotta fix that theme retention bug.

Also noticed that I can’t add a new data column from this screen if my component panel is already open to a column. I have to back out first:


EDIT: Actually, a bit more serious than I thought…if I’m already open to a column and then choose add a new column, it will convert the column I had open to that new column type rather than creating a new column.

@Jason I’ve been completely locked out of staging for a week now. When I click on an app, all I see is the loading screen.

Try clearing your cache.

Good catch, this is why we having staging :wink:


It’s only happening for one certain app… Very strange! (Clearing cache didn’t work, btw :frowning: )

Aw. Sorry. Yeah, staging breaks your apps every now and then. I had that happen to one of my apps a few months ago. Just had to delete the app and carry on.

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It wasn’t important, deleting the app now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’ve been blacklisted :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :rofl:


Ok that’s amazing!


That’s exactly what we need, but we didn’t know it exactly. We don’t need the whole data editor side-by-side as we already imagined, but this way… that’s what I’m talking about guys!!! :fire:


Fixed the bug with it converting column types out from under you. The Add COlumn pad now auto-closes if you pick a different column to edit.



That’s pretty cool.

I notice that when you switch to the data editor view, and then back to layout - it always defaults back to “SCREEN”. Would be nice if it remembered where you were…

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I like it, but I wonder if it makes life easier for a novice user.

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I bet Glide team will/are going to update all the intro and first steps videos with this huge update for Glide in 2021 :sparkles:


@Jason Another bug:
Creating a component, then reordering it, deselects it and instead selects the component at the bottom of the list. It’s problematic because I inadvertently start editing a different component than the one I just created.


I have to update all my lessons too :wink:
But that’s not my point :wink:
It feels more complex to combine parts of the different layers of Glide into one.
But is is what it is :wink:

Nah! I like it a lot. So often I have to switch screens to change one little thing and then I lose context / flow when I switch back. This will save SO MUCH TIME.

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