🆕 In Staging - New Builder

Well, looks like the new builder is in staging. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

The only issue I’ve noticed so far, is that I can no longer access all of my tabs in the left panel.
Where’s the rest of them???

Also can’t seem to drag any tabs into the side menu.

My biggest suggestion would be to swap the left and middle panels. Feels like a lot of eye and mouse movements to select a component on the left hand side and adjust it’s settings on the right hand side, but I do like the visibility of having both up at once.


Still needs refinement for sure…it isn’t intuitive on how to edit the layout of a tab (now ‘screen’)—it keeps defaulting to the screen icon/visibility panel and not the layout properties panel.


Yeah, it will take some mental adjustment for sure. Definitely buggy though.


I don’t understand what needed to be fixed? Seems like it works just fine as is to me :nerd_face:

@Jeff_Hager does it have the ability to edit tablet and web layouts?

Data editor should be full screen

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Here’s the bug I was referring to—

Probably just a redesign to allow for future enhancements

I’m not seeing anything special for tablet/desktop view. I’ve also only played with it for the last few minutes since I discovered it. :wink:

I think the intention is to click on the tab at the bottom of the app to open the properties panel. I’ll have to see how that works when there are no tabs. Right now I still have the bug in the screens sections where I don’t see all the tabs.

Edit: Yeah definitely less intuitive when there are no tabs displayed at the bottom (single tab app). I had to go through the same steps as you to get the tab properties to show up. Otherwise, you are kind of stuck once you click on a “screen” and get the tab settings.

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Ditto. Also, I can’t create new tabs. I was able to access the properties panel by clicking the tab icon within the app, but if there’s only one tab, then there won’t be an icon to click.

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Gotcha…yikes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Suggestion/Dream: option to pop-out data editor in its own window… so it could be dragged to a 2nd monitor and viewed side-by-side without taking up more real estate.


There is a lot of work left before this will be released.


Oh my freaking god. Glide you have impressed me once again!

@david We cannot edit the user profiles screen :expressionless:

Also, how do you reload the sheet?

There is a reload icon next to the data editor tab at the top of the screen.

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I guess there is a number of enhancements to implement before it goes live, so be patient, I’m sure all you want will be there when it’s released. :smile:

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Keyboard shortcuts would be cool -

1 - data editor
2 - layout
3 - settings
? - new component (then auto-focus on the search bar)
? - new screen
? - new data editor column (then auto-focus on column label input field)


That would be so helpful

Right but if they included Ctrl, then that would mess with select mode…