New UI is in staging!

Everyone just go to staging. We have a new UI setup.

New Swipe layout, menu at top of screen, screens to the left, so much to talk about and look at!!

When adding components its slides out from the left, so snazzy.:slight_smile:


Are we going to have a tablet view with this and the containers we heard about last month?

How do we access staging?


I hope so! I really wanna preview desktop view…



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Lol, you can ask anyone, If the post doesn’t need someones help I wont read it. Prime example of that. @Jeff_Hager posts something I just assume he isnt asking for help so I just skip :grin:

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gee, almost every time I read one of Jeff’s posts I learn something new. I never skip any of his posts.


I need to learn CSS but other than that I think I’m good. And I really don’t want to learn CSS, I feel like those options should be eventually added to the glide editor.


how to copy my apps to this UI?

You can’t. They are completely independent from one another

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oh no, i wont redo my app … to much work

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Yep, but if you just want to try things out with a real, functioning app, then you’re in luck! Some (not all) templates are now in staging.

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