How to move the Pro App from old Builder to the new one

Hi gliders!
I have Pro App in the old Builder in my team folder. And want to try it in the new Bulider by But when i login here, there is no my team and no my Apps from the old Builder.
Does anybody know how to move the App to the new Builder easy?
Thank you in advance.

Hola @Alexey_Baranov

You will have to build your app in the staging environment in order to have it there.

I hope this helps!

Staging is only for testing unreleased glide features. Don’t build any production apps in staging, unless you want to assume the risk that any data or apps could disappear at any time. Staging is only for testing new glide features. It’s not for building production apps.

You are welcome to recreate your app in staging, but that’s a lot of work just to try out a new glide feature that may or may not get released to production, or may not fully work yet. I only use a couple of test apps, or copy some of the templates, to play with the different features in staging. I don’t take the time to build full featured apps in the staging environment.

The “old” builder is not old. It’s the latest, most stable, and only version that should be use for building production apps.


Hi Jeff!
Thank you, understand.

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Hi Santiago Perez, thank you)

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you can test the new editor.

If you click here you can launch next-gen glide, and on mine, I can view any of my apps (free or pro) in the new one.


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Hi guys, it’s great!