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We are using Glideapps in our company more than 1 year, maybe 2 years.
Since our app has gone live I didnot do any changes except some small bug fixes. Once I want to try to add some new feature but everything was broken for 3 days and this experience was very traumatic for me.
Now, I want to implement some new features to our app but I’m hesitating to break something and we cannot move on.

I strongly believe that glide needs staging environments there should be at least one development version for testing new features on the app instead of live version. Or maybe snapshots for revert back to the last stable version.

You can choose to automatically update app on changes or choose to Publish changes, where the public wont see any changes until you hit the Publish button. Would this help?


It might be a solution but how I’m going to revert back to the untouched state?
ctrl + z?

I believe if you use manual publishing, you do have the option to revert back to the original published state if you need to.

Just be careful with the data editor, because data is still live and any changes to existing columns could affect the live app.

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I couldn’t find “manual publishing” option.
I’m in legacy pro does it matter?

I see it.


Thanks Jeff !

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