How do you work with staging?

Hi all,
I still find it tricky to be changing things in live sites / apps.
How do you work with the concept of staging?

It depends on the complexity of the change and the likelihood of breakage, or that I might want to roll back.

Firstly, I have manual publishing enabled for all published Apps.

Then when I need to make changes or add new features, I’ll take one of the following three approaches:

  • Minor changes: I’ll just make these in the live App, then publish once they’re done.
  • More complex changes: changes that fall into this category would be those that are likely to take a day or two, and come with some danger of breakage. In those cases, I’ll make a copy of my App and use that to refer to as I’m building out the new features. Once it’s done, I’ll publish the changes and keep the copy for a few days. If no issues after a few days, I’ll delete the copy.
  • Really big changes: If it’s something that’s going to take several days and involves major changes to core functionality, I’ll make a copy of the App and build the changes in the copy. Then once it’s ready, I’ll swap the copy with the live App. The reason for this approach is that it allows me to continue to make minor changes and/or bug fixes in the live App while I work on the new features in the copy.

So in the last case, you change the url behind the share button? And the custom domain stuff if necessary?

Yes. I actually have one client that insists on this approach for most new features. I talked a bit about that below…


Thank you!

But reading this, I can only say: let’s hope staging will be a part of Glide one day!

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