Rollout strategy

What a fabulous tool your team has developed :+1: Incredibly intuitive, simple and yet still powerful. It appears that changes that we make – either to the UI or to the data itself – are deployed or rolled out to our app users in close to real-time, which is amazing. However, in the cases where we are prototyping or trying things out before making them “live”, has anyone identified a good process? Is it simply copying the app?

I subsequently found the below thread, which essentially covers the “ask” that I was trying to convey:

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I am not sure if this is something glide intended or if they advise but the way I’ve done it before was 2 fold:

  • First I create a copy of my app and fiddle with the copy until it’s right and replicate the changes into the normal app.
  • If the changes to the app require quite a bit of restructuring of data, (or quite a bit of work that can’t be done in maybe under an hour) I work on the duplicate app and swap the URLs. The saved webapps on people’s homescreens will point to the new one.

One note with this last approach is, if you app is live and people are creating content or something, make sure to import the content the users inputted right up to deployment of the new version. You don’t want to have users lose their data.

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