Editing app without changes going live directly

Hi! I’m sure this has been answered somewhere, but I can’t find any answer so I’m asking the question here:

Whenever I do any changes to the app, those changes are immediatly applied to the live app. This means that I can’t tinker around with the app while people are using it, because I may break something etc. How is this solved? Can I delay pushing the changes or something to that effect?

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As far as i know the only solution is that you should copy your application, make changes and test those and than make those back again.
It’s an hard and bad work.
I wish you will get better answere than mine, because this is definitely a limit on glide.

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This is not a limit anymore. This was pushed to production 2 weeks ago.


Looks great, it’s indeed 2 weeks I’m not working on glide!