In-app filtering in components?


I have read all I could find on in-app filtering, but still never sure when it’ll be available to me or not depending on the layout.

Especially, it seems to never be available in components, even list relations. I know in-line list is not available yet, but I can’t seem to have it on a details screen for any of my components, whereas the tile or card layout will offer it.

Is that normal, by design? Or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot!

If I’m not wrong, you can’t filter a details screen since it can contain elements from different sheets. The best practice, for me, with the new independent screen configurations, is to have only one home tab and link people to different screens where you can have that in-app filtering available.

Thanks for your reply!

Indeed that works whenever you can dedicate full sheets to your screen. I sort of understand the detailed screen point as well, but people said they had this in-app filtering on list relations, and I thought that this could only be a component. Is that not the case?

Also, if I use the best practice you recommend, it means I am not using the icon menu at the bottom of the screen right?

Yes that’s true, I would recommend people to have a setup like this to make things compact and have only 1 “home screen”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but list relations brings up a new screen as well right?

No you’re right about list relations. I was looking on the wrong screen to see the in-app filtering capabilities they provide, I see it now.

Thanks for the link for the compact home pages. It does allow for a compact home page, and also if I am not mistaken, to filter menu options based on user roles, which the tab menu does not allow.

But one drawback I see is that I need to get back to this menu to change between two screens, whereas the tab menu is always available, and you change between screens in one click. It seems smoother to me in this respect.

But yeah with the options available now, you are much more constrained on the tab menu than with the method you recommend.

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Yeah I guess there are trade-offs as you said. Whatever fits you and try to find workarounds, I suppose.

True. My case here is a user can either be role A or role B, and because I have to show the same tabs for all users no matter their role, I want to show different things on screen depending on who they are. That I can do, but then I lose the in-app filtering capability while doing so, which can be so useful.

So looking for a workaround giving me the best of both worlds here :grinning:

What do you want to filter on. Would a choice component work? I have done that setup for quite a few of my apps and would be able to advise you.

Thanks for proposing your help. At the moment I don’t want to use a choice component for the filtering because I can’t select more than one option for a given field (say I select years, I can’t select both 2019 and 2020, unless I add 2 choice components -right?).

I think I actually just got it working, thanks to our discussion.

I created an IF-THEN-ELSE column in the data editor, in the sheet containing the items I wanted to use for the in-app filtering. I used the user profile capability to create the following conditions:
IF user role is A then TRUE
IF email of the item creator is user email then TRUE

Simple filtering on that column did the trick.

Thanks again for your quick replies!

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Nice to hear you found a way :smile: If you have any further things to ask I’m here to help.

Thanks a lot!!

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