Inline list - is this understanding correct?

If a page is linked to an inline list
Then you can’t add any more components but you can enable in-app filter

If a page is linked to a details page & then an inline list is added as a component
Then you can add any number of components but you cant add in-app filter


Yes, that’s correct.
If you want an Inline List on a details page and in-app filtering, then a workaround is to use a List Relation instead of an Inline List. The List Relation will link to a new screen with an Inline List, and you can add in-app filtering on that screen.

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This is interesting. I tried it on a backup app and it worked just like you mentioned and am able to add the filter as well.

But this page where I want to have list + inapp filter is my landing page or home page after the onboarding experience. Is there a way to get around to avoid clicking on that link to lead to the next display page ? Also this first link page is not customisable i suppose ?

I mean if there is a way to jump or avoid this page !


No, not as far as I’m aware.
The challenge with allowing in-app filtering on an Inline List on a Details layout is that you could have multiple Inline Lists on the same screen. But you only have one in-app filter icon, so… I’m sure you can connect the dots from here :wink:

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Yeah i totally get your point and was wondering about the same since i last replied. But thanks for the pointer there.

The other way for me to get user-controlled filtering is by using the method mentioned in Rob’s youtube channel by using the choice component. But my worry there is the top of the home page will become very distracting or heavy with dropdown or the button bar.


Choice components in segmented mode can actually work quite well for filtering - as long as your list of options is relatively short. I use this a lot, and the user experience is generally pretty good. Here’s an example:

Yes, this is what I want to implement a fallback plan and yes the items are short in length which works in my favor.

If and when I get some time outside of what I am working on, I will see if there is a visually simpler way of implementing it ( may be a switch button which will enable or disable it or similar - but that’s for future )

The Link to Screen (This Item) action is always an option to get a second auxiliary screen where you could place your filter choices, update them, then go back to the first screen to see the results in the list. Keeps the main screen clutter free other than a filter button.



I tried it out and it worked. But it will satisfy only one of my use-case ie when a user has completed the onboarding process then the submit action will lead him to this page which has all posts + in app filter. So all good.

But this is a tab that I want to be a default landing page to the next time he logs in, which apparently doesn’t seem possible without having to put a button/image/text on the home page.


I was assuming that the to level of your default tab would contain an inline list and a button with the link to screen action to set the filters. Your tab is the default view. The button would only take you to a separate screen to set the filters, and when done, you return back to the top level of the tab.

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