Inline list filtering

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I have a card-list view of the “campables” we provide/have listed ( is airbnb for camping) and I have the problem that I cannot offer a filter for “amenities” and “type of campsite” as of yet.

I already had it once but have no idea how to redo it again etc.

Can you help please? Is in-app filtering even possible for inline-list and if yes how? If no, how can I adapt the app in order to compatibilize it with in-app filtering w/o compromising its usecase?

Thanks a lot and happy building!

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In-app filtering are not available for individual inline lists in a details screen. It’s only available for the other layouts (list, card, etc).

If you’re going with a details screen, you would have to create a user-specific column to hold the filter choice of the user, then display a choice component on the screen. Filter the inline list based on the choice value (more complex if it’s a multiple choice).

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