In-App filter feature on Detail Canvas Layout - gone?

Hi, my name is Jay. I’m on Glide as an ardent newbie app developer. Trying to fulfill David’s request for a billion app developers! (per YT New Features Glide video posted Nov. 12, 2020)

However, after weeks of project-app development work, it now appears that today the in-app filter for Details (Canvas) Layouts is not available?!?

Please advice - Glide Team

Bothered and regretful,

No, I don’t think so.
Can you show a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Sure thing
Here is what I see on Details Layout (Features):

Did this screenshot show here?

So what is it exactly that seems to be missing?

Do you mean the Search Bar that sometimes appears at the top?
That will only ever be available when you have a searchable component (eg. a list) included in the layout.

Well, the Details Layout used to enable an in-app filter similar to screenshot below: (however, this is from a Swipe layout) -

I know that certain features were a trade-off depending upon the layout utilized (i.e favorites, tags, etc.) but the in-app filter on the Details Layout under the Features Section was a key option I used a lot.

I hope this change is not permanent with the new modifications being introduced recently.

Please advise,

Okay, I see what you mean.
But again, as far as I’m aware the in-app filtering is only available when you choose a list style layout - List, Cards, Tiles, Swipe.

I gotcha…I guess I’m a throw back to the deactivated layout (i think it was called ‘Compact’) but it got replaced now with Swipe…

Anyway, appreciate the feedback. I know you could have simply ignored this post but stuck with it. Duly noted and greatly appreciated.

Keep plugging away!


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I don’t use in-app filters, so I’m not 100% sure, but I would have to agree. As far as I’m aware, in-app filters are only available on the list style layouts. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them available on a Details layout. There’s nothing to filter if you are on a Details layout already. If you were trying to filter an inline list, but you had several of them on the screen, I think the in-app filter feature would get confusing. Again, haven’t really used it, so I’m not completely sure. Other posts would suggest that this has never been possible.

Also, the Compact list layout wasn’t replaced by Swipe. It was combined with the regular List layout, so within the List layout settings, you can choose if you want the Regular or Compact design. So we actually gained a layout instead of having one replaced.


I did some testing with this earlier today. I was curious to see whether or not it would be available with inline lists embedded in a details layout. It isn’t, and I think that makes perfect sense.

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Thanks so much for the helpful feedback!

I knew there were trade-offs with using certain features (i.e. favorites, tag overlays, etc.) depending on the Layout Style chosen. I thought I lost such capability for the in-app filter with all the upgrades Glide has been launching recently. I think I must have confused the Details Layout Style canvas with a different Layout Style canvas. (i tend to use the word ‘canvas’ instead of ‘screen’ when describing my queries)

Btw, have you noticed that the new compound function capability provided by “Create New Action” does not work well when mapping (configure action) a step as a ‘view details’ action?
When action is completed, the Details Layout canvas is loaded with correct title labeled but with nothing on it. Whatever was previously loaded as visible components are completely erased each next time the custom action is triggered. Even the Edit functionality (when enabled) is stunted with a slightly grayed out pencil icon.

I was hoping to fully exercise the new Custom Action creation tool but having my Details Layout wiped clean each time the custom action is triggered is a bummer for sure.

Your thoughts?

Thanks again for your timely feedback.


If your details layout isn’t showing anything and has a grayed out pencil, that usually means that the screen isn’t attached to any row. Do you have any screen filters set that would prevent a row from showing? Can you show a screenshot of your compound action so I can understand what you are trying to do?