Google Analytics no longer tracking screens

I just noticed that Google Analytics is no longer tracking the pages of my app. I only see the number of views/users for the whole app.

Tracking of the pages seems to have stopped in September. Does anybody know why, and more importantly, how to track the different pages again? I would love to know which topics/pages the users are most interested in!

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Here’s a relevant discussion.


Thanks Thinh. Still no solution. Seemed to happen to my app at the exact same time. I wonder if this is somehow related to Glide specifically and not simply a Google Analytics issue?

Were you able to track down the exact date? It happened to mine on Aug 25th.

Just checked and the exact date it happened was 6 September.

Did you by chance change the name of your app? That’s what happened to me, I changed the app name on Glide from ‘Ververy Beta’ to ‘Ververy’ and it stopped reporting all pages and just considered all pages as ‘Ververy’

Sorry, I don’t have any insights on this.

I have a sneaky suspicion that this might be related to Apps being converted to NCM, when the deep link structure would have changed. Glide started converting all paid Apps to NCM on August 22nd…

What is NCM? Do you think this is fixable? Or that Glide team is aware of this possibility? Being able to track user activity is so important. I currently have 13k actions since August 25th that aren’t getting recognized.

I’m not sure. Note that I’m just speculating, I really don’t know if it is or isn’t related to NCM.

Have you submitted a Support Ticket? If not, I think you should - that will at least get it on Glide’s radar (if it isn’t already).

cc @SantiagoPerez

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Thanks I will make a support ticket bc i haven’t gotten any feedback from my post either