Google Analytics is now available

Glide now supports Google Analytics for Pro apps! You can even use the spiffy new app-optimized version of Google Analytics to see where your users come from and how they use your app. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

You can find the option in Settings > General > Integrations.


Great! Many thanks!

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That’s cool. I just hooked it up and watched myself live on it.


You were quick off the mark, well done, glad it works well. Hoping you get loads of visitors

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Awesome! Kudos to everyone at Glide for shipping another invaluable feature. :+1:

Quick question. I’ve got this set up and all activity is being logged under the same Content source /[app-name] no matter what tabs and/or records are visited in the app. @david, should I assume all activity will be logged under the same page title (app’s homepage) until the schematics are done and deep linking also ships? Just curious. Thanks again!

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It won’t work with my public app - it’s a free version, I only hooked it up to one of my paid internal apps.

You should see one page view per page when users navigate your app.

It’s worth mentioning that your Glide apps are just that – apps.

Google Analytics has implemented support for apps as a distinct case vs web properties, and that’s what we’ve implemented. You won’t be seeing unique page views: there’s only ever one “page” and even that is an implementation detail. You’re probably going to be most interested in the “screen_view” events we send.

The easiest way to get started with “screen_view” is to use an “Apps + Web” property instead of the traditional Web Google Analytics property. They already have prebuilt dashboards to report on the “screen_view” events that we send.

If you’re set on keeping your existing Google Analytics property, you can still create custom reports around these screen views. You’d be looking for the “Screen Name” dimension in your Dimension Drilldowns when you create your Custom Report.


This is amazing!! One suggestion - you might include some instructions on how to find the tracking ID b/c it was not intuitive and I spent some time on their help content to figure it out. I think it’s now called a “measurement id”

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We always release new features before their documentation, but a video is already in the works.


i did see it David the analytics but now i don’t

Could you send a screenshot of what you see in Settings->General?

Now we’re talking. Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to get some real data on how my users are using the app!


ty mark got it now got to learn how to use it

This is great!

I appreciate the heads up on that, Daniel. I was wondering if the PWA should be set up under a traditional Web property. Done, set up a App + Web property instead and it’s pulling data. Thanks again for the tip!

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Many Thanks~Cool~

Thanks, can’t wait to see the video!

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Thank you @JackVaughan and Glide team. The dedication to introducing new features and to the community makes me grow more and more fond of Glide. I also would like to thank the vibrant Glide community for sharing solutions, workaround, sample apps etc…