Google Analytics 4 - Screen name not changing

Hi everyone! I’ve just tried to track the traffic throughout the app I’ve built with Glide, so I have integrated it with Google Analytics 4, which is the new title for the ex “Web + App” property mentioned in the one and only video tutorial dedicated to Analytics Integration. It definitely needs an update.
By the way, I would like to know how come I cannot track different screen names on Analytics, but always the same, no matter how many times I change pages and screens while testing. I would like to see in which exactly screen the user is while browsing the app, but it seems that Analytics shows only one (that matches the app name).

Anyone has dealt with the same issue?

Thank you in advance!

@Katelyn_Alberts do you have any insights on this?

Oh you know I have insight on this! :smile:

Hi @federica I’ve been working diligently trying to create a new way to track Google Analytics data since the new computation model (NCM) for Glide switched over a few months ago. (you can probably follow a lot of posts I’ve made about this in the community)

Essenstially what happened was that the NCM model in Glide made it so that Google Analytics can’t track activity specifically by the “page TITLE and screen class” so you have to switch it to “page PATH and screen class”

This allows you to see all the activity but in order to ‘decode’ it in Glide you have to plug in the page paths to Glide and extract the rowID out of the path. The row ID then needs to have a relation to the profile/details page


Hi Katelyn, thank you for your reply.
It seems to be a little bit complicated. Actually, my client doesn’t have access to the Glide panel, but only to Airtable (it’s like Google Sheet) and Google analytics. So do I need to create another table on airtable to get all the “Fired” page paths from google analytics? And how do I get those rows? Do you have an automation? I would really appreciate if you could explain the steps I need to follow to populate that table.

Thank you so much!

I actually havent used Airtable at all, but if the question is how to extract the Google Analytics data to something like a Google Sheet, you have to sync them with some kind of app:

On Google Sheets, you go to extensions, then add ons, then get add ons. That allows you to DL a syncing app. The one I have is called SyncWith and thats what I circled

If you get that step down, then you use the app to sync the kind of activity you want.

I’m sure there are some youtube videos to do the same thing with airtable

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