Google Analytics no longer able to track pages and screens

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Google Analytics is no longer able to decipher different pages and screens on my app as of Aug 25.

Expected behavior:
GA should be able to track user activity within the app - on different pages and screens - in order to track users and provide proper data. Prior to Aug 25, 2022 data was coming through as it should, and we were able to report to our users how many visitors they to their profiles, how much engagement they had and so forth.

How to replicate:
Cannot replicate as a user

Link to demo recording:
(screen shots below, with commentary)

Google Analytics reporting activity:
As seen in photo - 132 pages recorded with activity from Aug 1 to present

Data was coming through normally to Glide and paid users could see activity on their profiles

Starting Aug 25 - all unique data stopped and GA could no longer track unique pages and screens.
As seen, there are now 9000 actions new action all just being identified as Ververy, which is the name of my app.

Therefore, unique data is no longer being recognized on the app either

My GA is still actively connected to my app and updates every 24 hours.

I had originally thought this was a Google Analytics issue but after digging deeper I believe this may have to do with changes in Glide. I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this for months and nothing else is proving to be the problem. Would love any guidance or solution.

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Have you submitted a ticket for this?

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I’ll do that as well. I thought they were one in the same. I will put a video together tomorrow for that!

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@Katelyn_Alberts Any response from the Glide team on this? I just went into GA to manually post stats from Q4 and found the same issue — as of Sep 7, 2022 tracking of page title and screen name is no longer being recorded. I’ve called Google and the support rep stated there is nothing on their end that would prohibit the recording of individual screen views being tagged with page titles or screen names.

Let me know if you’ve heard anything before I put in another ticket. Thx!

As far as I know, there has been no update. I couldn’t wait any longer for a fix from Glide on this so I figured out how to extract the data from the page paths instead and now I’m just rolling with that!

I appreciate you letting me know. I’d love to hear how you extracted the data using page paths — did you set up some custom path explorations using GA > Explore > Path Exploration?

Do you have a system set up already to extract the data from GA onto a Glide Google Sheet? I did all of my work in Glide by extracting the RowID from the page path and then seeing who the RowID belonged to.

I appreciate the info, Katelyn. OK, I see what you’re doing. Our use case is a little different (not user specific) so we’ll need to come up with an alternate solution. Glad you were able to find a suitable workaround that isn’t dependent on Glide passing this info to GA. :+1:

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