Google Analytics not tracking pages

I just switched over to the new Glide apps and I moved my new info over to GA but it’s not tracking data the same way.

On the old app I was able to see all the unique pages via the page path and Row ID.

Now, I can see user activity, but only the main tabs, I cant see what details pages people are clicking on at all.

Here GA can see that I’m moving around the app but it’s not able to identify which pages I’m navigating through.

Any tips on this?

Are we able to help with this @NoCodeAndy ? Thank you.

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Unfortunately, the new Glide apps does not push unique page URLs to Google Analytics in the same way the Classic apps did. We learned this as well when moving from Classic to Pages and setting up our Google Analytics.

@Katelyn_Alberts it might be a bit of work depending on how large your app is, but we had to define “Slugs” for each of our top level app sections so that we could better understand and track what Users were looking at in our Google Analytics account.

It works pretty well now but unfortunately as you view data beyond the main levels and begin to dig down into individual data records, the URLs get longer and more cryptic so we don’t know what they are looking at unless we follow the full path back in Glide. For us that’s okay because we just wanted top level app section views (not record level clicks).

Anyway once you have “Slugs” defined in your app, you will be able to have a more clarified Page path and screen class view in GA. Page Title & Screen Name will only yield the app’s top level name in GA so you must view by Page path and screen class after slugs are set up.

Refer to this post thread for a little more insight into the new Glide app path name and my post at the end showing the GA view after defining slugs.


@Katelyn_Alberts you can set it up the way Carbonsquare noted above, and if you need help deciphering the URLs later on, just let me know.

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Hey! So i do have top level slugs, and actually I think my individual pages might be tracking still, (at least for the most part) - there’s just a delay in GA when moving through pages so it keeps throwing me off!!!

For example, I’ve been moving through the app this morning and none of the individual tracking has come through yet - so I thought it wasn’t working

VS. PAGE TRACKING: (not showing anything)

However, I have all this data from yesterday’s individual pages…

I’m going to do some more specific testing on profile clicks and see if it tracks correctly!!

Also, the length of the URL doesn’t disrupt my tracking (because it’s always ends in the profile Row ID, so I just extract the Row ID from the end to capture who’s page it is and tally it on a pivot table.

I know you said you don’t need that much detailed tracking but if it’s actually working, you may be able to do the same if you so desire!