This /dl/a400f7 gets added to my custom domain after loading

After I published my app to a custom domain, this gets automatically added after my app after the page is loaded “/dl/a400f7”

Any chance I can remove this?

That’s the address for the location of the tab you are viewing. As you navigate through the app it changes based on which page you are on or which row of data you are viewing. That’s how Glide knows where you are at in the app.

Appreciate the prompt response Jeff. To make sure I understand, there is no way to remove the location /dl/a400f7 on initial load of the published app correct?

Why would you want to? You can still get to the app using only the root domain, but when it loads, it redirects to the first tab and that’s the address for that first tab. It’s critical to the functionality of the app.

I understnad. I think the only reason would be to have a cleaner url as users land on the app for the first time, but definitely not the end of the world or a blocker.

I’m guessing most users won’t even notice or care. Plus with the URL structured the way it is, it’s easier to bookmark or share certain pages in the app and be able to get back to that same page.

That makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks again Jeff, I truly appreciate your help.

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You should try to change the slug on the tab level so it makes for more human-readable URLs.


Wow, I had no idea what the Slug did and never used it. Will this also make is cleaner when Google Analytics reads the page URL?

Ah! I will give this a look this morning! thank you for pitching in!

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I would guess so, but I’m not confident since I had never used it. Best way to know is to try it haha.

Thanks. The use of slugs does in fact offer a slightly cleaner and clearer description when using Google Analytics (at least at the top most app navigation and menu tabs). Unfortunately we just put in the slugs across all of the app tabs so past data still reflects the code naming.

It’s not as clean as the old Classic app since they pushed the full page title & screen naming of each tab to GA vs the new app pushing page paths, but better than nothing.

This will at least help as we ensure we define the slugs prior to setting up Google Analytics for each app! :slightly_smiling_face:

New Glide Apps in Google Analytics:

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