Set Page URLs

Is it possible to set what the URLs should be for each page?

I know it is possible to set a custom domain, but I am wondering whether I can customize the URLs for each specific product/listing page to optimize for SEO.

For example, with this page: Starter Directory

Could I set the page URL to be "


At the moment I don’t think you can have that option unless you use a third-party service and manually configure each “deep link” URL.

I haven’t done much with pages, but is this what you are looking for? I think that’s what Page Slugs do.


I just tested and while it does add the slug in the URL it still has the deep link part at the end.
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Nice. The page slugs seems like it is the solution I’m looking for.

The main goal is to get the URL into an SEO friendly format. I think this should do the trick?

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Does anyone know whether the deep link part would have a negative impact on SEO?

I am also wondering if the page URL is connected to the Row ID. This does not seem to be the case because when I add a row for a new product/listing, all the products/listings that are beneath it in the list shift to the next page URL, instead of staying the same.

This is problematic if people want to send a URL to a specific product/listing and it changes if I add products/listings.

May I know how you’re adding this? Can you reproduce it in a video?

Here it is reproduced in a video. I added a row with a new activity and the page changed. Meaning, before I reloaded the page it briefly changed the activity to the newly added (wrong) activity.

Then I was surprised to see that when I reloaded the page it shows the right activity again, so not sure…

I would suggest not adding new rows in the middle of your table unless you are sure that nobody is using the app at that time. Glide is is displaying the physical location of that row. If it moves, then it’s going change what’s seen in the app. In Glide’s eyes, the content of that row changed, not that it moved. Data in a database should not be reliant on where the data is located in the table. If you are trying to control sorting of your data, you should use Glide’s sorting options for lists.


Thank you for your explanation. Can you please tell what you mean in the end with “Glide’s sorting options for lists” ?

This type of sorting I already use for the lay-out. The reason I also have my GSheets sorted is because I otherwise lose track of what listings I already added.

In other words:

If I just add below my table instead of in the middle of my table (where it makes sense), I lose track of what listings I already have added to the table.

I guess I have to find a workaround this problem.

Can you explain more on this? Can’t you just control this from inside the app?