Set Page URLs

Is it possible to set what the URLs should be for each page?

I know it is possible to set a custom domain, but I am wondering whether I can customize the URLs for each specific product/listing page to optimize for SEO.

For example, with this page: Starter Directory

Could I set the page URL to be "

At the moment I don’t think you can have that option unless you use a third-party service and manually configure each “deep link” URL.

I haven’t done much with pages, but is this what you are looking for? I think that’s what Page Slugs do.


I just tested and while it does add the slug in the URL it still has the deep link part at the end.
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Nice. The page slugs seems like it is the solution I’m looking for.

The main goal is to get the URL into an SEO friendly format. I think this should do the trick?

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Does anyone know whether the deep link part would have a negative impact on SEO?