My Page Name isn't showing on Google Analytics

I connected my Glide app to Google Analytics because I want to track which page users visit the most. However, the issue is that on the Landing Page report in Google Analytics, the names of my tabs are not showing correctly. For instance, I have 11 tabs in Glide, including ‘Home Page,’ ‘Employee,’ ‘Outstanding,’ etc., but what I am seeing is confusing and does not match these tab names.

Fill out the “slugs” for your screens. When you select a tab the slugs are under options. The top level screens with slugs should be readable in Google Analytics


i have done that it is still not working…i have provided an image below where fill out the slug and the current state of my pages on google analytics

I think if you give it some time by tomorrow it should update

it is up to 24 hours, it isn’t working

Perhaps is there anyway i can monitor the totalaround time on Glide on a form ?

Hmmm it should probably be working by now.

Have a look at this post from @Carbonsquare who successfully set up his GA.