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Does anyone have Google Analytics hooked up to their app and have well established, accurate data coming through?

We hooked up Google Analytics awhile ago to our app in order to give our users some data on how people are interacting with their profiles. Here are some examples of what our dashboard looks like:

Originally it looked like the information was coming through correctly but then as time went on, it became obvious that it wasn’t actually updating even though we have it set to automatically update every day…And the new accounts that were created since establishing the Google Analytics aren’t being acknowledged. Example of new data not coming through:

I’d love some help from anyone that it well versed on this. I didn’t set this up myself so I may not have all the answers but i’d like to get a handle on it and possibly resolve this myself! THANKS!

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UPDATING my post*** I think I found where the problem stems from:

Google Analytics stopped acknowledging individual page titles and is now just listing all the activity under the app name “Ververy”

It SPECIFICALLY happened on August 25th that all data shifted to “ververy” and nothing else, as seen here…All activity from august 25 to present has no indivudual page titles:

and this is the vie from glide as well:

Can anyone help with this?
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Hi @Katelyn_Alberts cannot help with GA, 'cause despite different attempts to inject cutom events and analyze them, I decided to move custom log and Google Data Studio.
Basically what I did is:

  • connect each action I want to track
  • generate a new line for each action in a Log File with some parameters (for example, Action, page, challenges name, challenge results, etc)

This approach generates 1 line per event (maybe too much for you)
Google Data Studio can integrate your GA (for browsers analysis, countries, and for example UTM), plus your data.

Thanks Fab, glad I’m not the only one struggling. I’ll look into Google Data Studio as well! Thanks for the tip.

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My pleasure, let me know if you’ll need help on creating logs or about GDS

Here an example how you can integrate data from Analytics (red arrows) and your app data

Fab, that looks really nice! However the information i need to display for my users is deeper than the general demographics information (I need to know the actions taken on specific pages within the app) and I still haven’t gotten any feedback as to how to reinstate that information to come through properly again from analytics…so I’m still stuck.

This is another page with custom actions (not from Analytics) to represent user advancements.
So, what I did is:

  • create a log entry for the action I want to log
  • classify them in my metrics file (aka prepare the metrics before applying them)
  • use GDS to apply filters and counters etc.

This is my Log Table inside Glide

So every action creates a new row? That seems like a LOT of rows, no?

Yes… and no.

Yes, you can create daily (let’s say) 1000 rows, but once they are on your GDrive you can write a script to move them to your GDS file, and clean them. I will count, as well, as edits/delete, but no rows.
I am using this system, now, for about 1 month, with 100 user and it works great.
For sure, the ability to trigger actions inside Glide and record them on GA will be better :slight_smile:

Although I have GA connected, it doesn’t give me the data I need, which is to track which listings are clicked on each month, so I use custom actions to build it into my directory apps. When a business is selected from a list, I just increment and then direct to the detail screen. The advantage of doing it this way is that I’m not adding any extra rows. I’ve set it up for 12 months, and in January will export the data and clear it to start again for 2023. I can probably automate this in the future but haven’t spent the time solving for that yet. It looks like this