Filtering Multiple Inline Lists - bug?

Good morning all!

I used @Robert_Petitto’s instructional video for filtering multiple inline lists and it works great… except for this:

Is this the expected behavior? I’m using 9 lists but the data is the same in all of them and there are no images, only text. As you can see, in the Data Editor, the cursor needs to be moved over the list for the results to populate. In the live app, the user needs to exit the screen then go back in it and, once they do, the results are available.

Hm. Looks like it’s hitting lag somewhere. Are any of your values being reformatted in the Google Sheet using formulas before filtering?

Hey Bob, thanks for the quick reply! And no sir, it’s just a plain old table of data. No funky formatting or scripts

That is odd. I would expect near instant results in everything is contained within glide. Does the published version so the same thing? Can you show how you have it set up to filter the data?

Hey Jeff:

I tried to attach the video but it didn’t work so I uploaded it to my Google Drive. The link is below:

To answer your question, yes - the behavior in the live app is the same as the behavior in the previewer (which you’ll see if the link works, hopefully).

I followed Bob’s instructions but, admittedly, might have messed it up somewhere :man_shrugging: Here’s what the filters look like:

I have the two Choice components that filter from the same tab in my GS. The inline lists are all from columns that contain different values, hence the need to choose from nine of them

The Data Editor looks like this:

The LBT Color and Med Choice columns are user specific and tied to the Choice components. The Color Result and Medication Result columns are Single Value and look like this:
image image

My ITE columns look like this:
image image

And, as I said above, I will be the first to admit that I might have messed it up somewhere so any / all help that are able to provide is super, ultra, mega appreciated :pray:

Hey @Jeff_Hager -

Sorry to keep bringing you into my messes but do you happen to have any insight into why this filter would lag so much?

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For me the same thing has been happening for a few weeks, but it is only the first time it enters the screen, after a long time it appears normally, but if I restart the application it occurs the bug again, I wait a while and come back, and so successively

When I open the page for the first time:


When I go back and open the same page again:


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Has anyone discovered something?

I’m still seeing a fairly significant lag in the results populating as well but I haven’t heard any of my users complain about it… yet :man_shrugging::crossed_fingers:

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