Filters, Data selection and sort fields are getting erased in Inline Lists

Today I have had inline lists get their Filters, Data and Sort fields reset to none/nothing multiple times throughout my app. If it hadn’t happened in such close proximity to when I fixed them, I would think they were not set, but I am quite certain. Anyone else experiencing this? Here are two specific examples:

I haven’t, but I’ll keep my eye on it now.


Did you delete columns in google sheet including the first column. I have seen it in such situations but not being able to reproduce


Nope, haven’t messed with the sheets or columns at all while this was happening. Also, this is a new app and has very few lists and tabs so it’s easy for me to recall my steps.

This is still happening. Today I have had Image IFT reset to Image multiple times. @Mark are you guys looking into this?

Can you share the app and tell me exactly where that “Image”/“Image IFT” reset happened?

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I will pm you