Inline list - display "title" instead of source sheet

In the edit mode, when looking at Compenents, it would be great to show the “Title” field (or another field) instead of the source google sheet.

As you can see in the screenshot, I have a lot of Inline Lists that all are sources from the “memes” sheet, but each Inline List is customized but I can’t differentiate between them when editing.

In the screenshot you only see 8, but I actually have 12.

You’ll notice I had to create “fake” text fields that don’t show up in the published app, but help me identify the Inline List below it.

Another related issue, that when I go to edit an Inline List, then come out of editing mode, Glide scrolls back to the top and I lose my place.

Good point. You might want to add it here for requesting the feature. Also please check if the request exists already. Glide usually prioritizes features based on votes and use cases.

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@abhilashabhatia congratulations! :smiley: :smile: :+1:

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