EXTREMELY Concerning Data going Missing and poor Support

It’s now been 24hrs since I reported data going missing in my app. I’ve seen someone else also posting about a blank table on their app. I’ve logged a support ticket more than 24hrs ago and still no feedback. It seems that no one at Glide gives a shit about data going missing which is a very serious issue. Luckily this app is still in development but if I had hundreds of users imagine the impact it would have and I’m not even getting a response from support even after following up.

I’m really disappointed in the poor Support and also finding this whole experience eye-opening about the concerns in building on Glide and not having any data backups and having no control over my data.

I would double check your email and your spam folder. There’s been a handful of times where people have said the same thing about support, but Glide had previously asked follow-up questions on the ticket and got no response from the user.

Nothing. I also sent a follow-up and no response. 24hrs after losing an entire table full of data and getitng no feedback is extremely concerning

Ok. just wanted to double check that they weren’t waiting for a response from you.

Hey @Erwin_Potgieter,

Thanks for flagging!

We received and escalated your ticket within a couple hours of you submitting it.

Since then, our Support and Engineering teams have been investigating to figure out what happened.

You should have multiple emails in your inbox from us. I see a response from you in ours. :slight_smile:

I won’t go into details here, but we found that your app was configured with a “delete row” action.

For posterity + others who find this thread:

Data backups are like user permissions – they’re crucial for business apps.

In both cases, Glide lets you build out that functionality in different ways.

One of the easier methods is using the Generate CSV action to export a copy of your data.

That being said, we’re also looking into a self-service data snapshot & restoration feature. It would tap into all the behind-the-scenes work we’ve done to protect app data at a systems level.


I did not want to revive this topic but I’m in the same boat here:

Each cell in the screen cap above had data in them until last week. What’s strange is that the “Email” column still has a few user emails in it but the remaining data is gone. I submitted the ticket (below) immediately after I found the information missing, and even followed up two days later, and have not received a response:

Can someone from Glide Support please help?

Why do you have so many user specific columns, or any for that matter? Those user specific values are only going to be visible specific to the user that entered them.

I am aware.

Ok. Just looked odd. Seems like more of a case for using row owners instead.


Sending you a DM. :+1: