Lost rows when downgrade APP

Hello everybody,

For some reason some of the rows of a glide table are missing, I presume because I downgrade the app but no sure either.

Anybody knows whether is possible to recover a backup of the missing information?

Thanks a lot. Aptreciate your time in advanced.


Do you use an external data source, such as Google Sheets? If so, it may not sync everything, but the data should still be intact in your Google Sheet.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for answering. I am afraid is a glide table so I have no back up of these data, are about 50 rows missing I wouldn’t say I deleted without knowing…

Whatever the cause is, is there a way to recover this data?

Thanks in advanced,


I would be really surprised if Glide just randomly deleted some of your rows. This shouldn’t have anything to do with downgrading your app. I’ve seen Glide not sync all rows from an external data source if you exceed your plan, but I’ve never seen or heard of that happening with Glide tables. I would say to contact support, but if you downgraded your app, then you lose support.

I’m not sure if Glide can restore data. I’d lean towards that not being an option but can’t say for sure.

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