Create date taking 2-3 minutes to propagate from Google Sheet

When I AddRow() to a specific google sheet that includes ‘create date’ - which is set to current date/time from Glide - it appears in Sheets but takes 2-3 minutes to propagate back to Glide.

I look at the gSheet and all is well.
I look at the Glide table and all the gSheet data is there EXCEPT ‘create date’. It takes 2-3 minutes to ‘sync’.

Is this normal behavior? Why is all the other data/fields in Glide correct and timely except for create date? I have other dates that are picked (Event picker) as well as unique IDs which ‘sync’ immediately.


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This is normal–Google Sheet changes only sync to Glide every three minutes.

If you have not changed your Google Sheet for a while, the first change will sync instantly, then subsequent changes come every three minutes in batches. This is why you may see a difference when you conduct a manual test.


Thanks - all other fields synced immediately - only the create date field lagged which seemed weird.

From a design perspective, if this table were in Glide I would assume the data would be immediately available (the create date drives a number of data roll-up) ?



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