Data not syncing

My app’s URL: Private information

Data is not syncing from the app to Google Sheets. This includes creation of new items and editing items. Creating new rows in Google does sync back to Glide as expected, though with slightly more delay than normal.

Difficult to troubleshoot without access to the app, however I cannot disclose due to privacy.

Any thoughts?

Same here :cry:

When did this start for you @Brice ? Mine started sometime around 2300 UTC on Feb 10.

Update: I have just had some data trickle through. Looking at some other posts it seems there must be some cache the data lives before going to Google. This is rather troublesome however since this app is for the daily operations of our site, and data needs to be synced to all users with minimal delay…

It’s very sad. Datas are restored for a short time. Now issue is back.