The app does not sync with google

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
The app is 2 years old, I started having this problem for a week, it worked fine before.
Hi, I’ve been having problems for a few days with an app that syncs with google.
The data I enter in glide is lost, and if I delete something, after a few minutes it reappears.
Now when I send a new data, I see it in the app, if I reload the page the data is gone.

Expected behavior:
The app should save the data and the data should remain as it was up to a week ago

How to replicate:
Try to go in app and use this password: Ma1982, next Go to “Lista Commesse” and click the + Button
Next Write only in the first field end Save.
NoW click on “aggiungi macchinario” and add some random names
Now refresh the page

Link to demo recording:

hope you get solution.

i see something similar in my app, but it’s not affect hostile.
only sync appear that could not be.

check your usage about updates.
and check changes data in builder glide sheet.

Until 7 days ago everything was working properly, the use is not intensive, and unfortunately I have no possibility to change everything to glide sheet. It’s a 2 year old app made for a customer.