Data sync explained to a newbies

Hi to all! I am a glide newbies and I wish understand deeper what means
when a person edits values in cells, adds or removes rows, etc.—are synced to apps within three minutes
Because I want engage my self into a reservation app.
Using glide tables what means that if someone changes or updates record I have to consider a delay before these are seen by others?

May be a silly question but timely could be important.

Hi @I2E :wave:t2: Welcome to the community forum.

Could you send a link to where you saw this. I assume in Glide Learn.

I believe the 3-minute delay might be a maximum when syncing between your app and Google Sheets. But in practice the delay is at most a few seconds (with the exception of computed columns in GSheets).

When you make design changes to your app, like adding or removing tabs, components or features, sometimes there can be a slight delay for this to be reflected in your live app, maybe up to 3 minutes. I’ve usually put this on the count of my poor internet connection.

For optimal performance, use Glide Tables instead of GSheets.

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Hi @nathanaelb here is the link:
I don’t care the 3 minutes or whatever value, I care about understanding the exact meaning of this characteristic (or constrain?).
The doubt raise from the page I linked to you because on top is stated:

Manual changes to the data in your sheet—when a person edits values in cells, adds or removes rows, etc.—are synced to apps within three minutes, although sometimes these changes will happen immediately

and some rows below:

Changes that are added within the app sync back up to your sheet in seconds.

So which is the real meaning and differences in glide between Manual changes to data and Changes that are added within the app?

These statements are very disorienting me because in common words they seem the same kind of changes, but if glide had worried to specify such different behaviours (seconds vs minutes) it has to mean something that cannot be neglected when you develop something.

Just to add an opposite example: in the same page there is the Refresh paragraph that is very clear to describe when you can expect a data refresh and when you cannot. It is ruled by manuals vs automatic data changes and pro or no-pro plans. It is clear and you know what you can expect.

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That above statement is a fact only if you modify your GS manual and externally and not using your Glide APP.

E.g. you open your GS and modify its values/rows using your web browser, your APP doesn’t know about those changes because you didn’t use it to get new values so, within 3-4 min GS will notify Glide these changes and your APP updates the info.
Instead, if it had been done using your APP, the delay to see new values will last 3-5 secs.

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The difference is changes made directly in the Google Sheet when editing the spreadsheet itself outside of Glide, versus changes to your data made within a Glide app. The first can have a three-minute delay, the second updates almost immediately.


Thank @david for your clear explanation.

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