More info about pro

a. In this Pro setting, what’s not clear is that if a user is logged-in but idle, it this included in the definition of “using the app” and therefore her screen (app and data) will get automatically updated
b. If not, what scenarios are included in “using the app”? Scrolling, switching to another screen and coming back to the current screen, anything else? Which of these are included and which are excluded?
c. Also what’s not clear is the time the screen would take to Refresh, for each of the following:

c.1. Manual changes in GSheet data

c.2. Automated changes in GSheet data

c.3. Chnages to the App or its layout

A . Even if the user is idle the app refreshes automatically every 4-5 min.

B. Edits and add rows should force a re-synch, scrolling/ changing screens will not. Manual
changes to GS will also cause a refresh (Or waiting 4-5 min will refresh)

C. You have to wait for GS to update and then glide to synchronize with GS. That’s why there’s a delay. You should try and move any GS calculations to glide computed ones and it will be much faster.

C2. Regarding automated changes it depends on the case. I don’t believe Now() forces a refresh but let’s say you had some app script drop a time stamp somewhere in the sheet used by app… that would force a refresh.

C3. Changes to the app or its layout will cause a refresh but I’m not sure about the amount of time. I think it takes around ~10 min. Of course you could press the reload button and expedite the refresh.

I hope this helps!


All of your points are good, except the fact that I’m not sure a change from a script (which is nothing related to Glide) would force a refresh. A change from Glide to the Sheet immediately forces a refresh though.


If the change is on the Sheet, Glide can take up to 3 minutes to make the changes in the app.