Glide API needs several attempts to write within seconds

Dear all,

Describe the bug:
I have scenarios for creating stripe checkout and customer portal sessions: triggered by webhooks and writing back the stripe-links with http POST requests (using glide api). The scenarios are successfully processed in 2-3 seconds, and stripe’s log says ok to every session.

In half of the cases, it takes 2-4 attempts (always waiting >3 minutes in between) until Glide API successfully writes back within ~15 seconds (data structure in google sheets). It is always the link of the most recently requested checkout or customer portal session.

Expected Behaviour:
always write back within seconds.

Is it because of the changes in glide’s NCM?
Or because I’m using google sheets?
I know that google sheet only sync every 3 minutes: Create date taking 2-3 minutes to propagate from Google Sheet - #2 by david
and I was hoping to avoid this lag by using glide api instead of google sheet modules in

Any advice is highly appreciated!

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Hey @Gregory,

Let’s look into this for you. We’ll need more info here. Can you provide a support link and date/time of a failed attempt?

Thank you for the support!
Here’s the link: Glide
Today (Aug 24), I made several attempts between 12:12pm and 12:28pm CET.