Google Sheet not Syncing to Glide for.... 6 hours and 2000 rows

Oh well, it’s not as though I have a live system now with thousands of users and hundreds of tests per day…

About 2pm CET my sheet stopped writing rows from Glide to Google. None. User Profile rows with no data… Add Rows not working.

This was ‘not good’. At all.

And the rows are only coming back now hours later.

At the same time, Integromat was able to write in rows in an instant, so it is a sync issue between Glide and GS.

I have made ‘more than one’ support request - but I thought I would share, just in case anyone else was experiencing similar issues.


Are your users writing those rows in a short timespan? My agency did have the same problem like half a year ago, when users wrote too many rows at the same time. It caused a problem with the Google API.

An issue… using a relationship to do Set Columns… IF the rel value is empty.
I suspect that I had one row with an empty value, and a rel is against any value, empty OR NOT. So rel-ID will work if it is ID value - ID value or empty to empty.

And if your relationship is to a Google Sheet sheet, then it will write to the right row (with a completed value) or ALL will write to THE SAME ROW. Constantly.

I can see how this is an issue - it would be nice to know more from the Glide GDE if something is wrong. Right now I am still likely watching rows appear for hours. But at least there is a logic :slight_smile: and thanks @Mark

Likely it had not been working before today either, but the volume of users hitting button had not created the queue situation.