Data delay between Glide and Google Sheets

We have been using our app for a few months/years now and starting today there is a 1 minute delay between the time we submit a form entry and the time it appears in our connected Google Sheet. In the past it has been very quick, usually less than a second. Any thoughts? This is an urgent request.

For starters, Glide Status suggests there haven’t been any known issues today.

Did anyone change anything in your app recently? If so, the issue might stem from there. If not, maybe you could indicate where you are located geographically: the issue might be occurring to you only, in your region, or to many.

thank you for the quick response. Could blank rows in the middle of good data in the google sheet cause this delay?

I think it would depend how many blank rows. If we are talking about a few dispersed blank rows here and there, though it’s not recommended nor ideal, I wouldn’t expect these to be an issue. If we are talking about blocks of consecutive blank rows, then it could be an issue.

I don’t know if there is any hard data saying when blank rows will or will not cause problems, but a general recommendation is to not have any.

I good way to guarantee you will not have any blank rows at all is to add a Row ID column. Every new row in the table will be assigned a row ID and will therefore not be empty.