"Could not load network resources"

My app’s URL: https://myandigital.glideapp.io/
A few of my app users have reported a white screen with “Could not load network resources” today. It works fine on most users and on my devices. But some got that error on their mobile phones.

Up! my website dont work, with a webview app.

I made other apps with other webviews and it doesn’t work, it only works if you go directly to the link.

Apparently it’s not a Google problem but a glide problem since it happens only with glide.

I now have this issue - only on android - not iOS - anybody got a fix ?

I’m having this error message when I try to log in to go.glideapps.com “Could not load network resources”
Pls any help? It’s happening accross all my devices.and I’m using Chrome browser. I also tried explorer, same issue.

Have you tried using another network? I have seen this reported with apps before, but not the Glide website itself.

Some app in smartphone android found this problem too.

I regularly get this problem, almost daily, the first time I open my app on my android smartphone. I have to force close the app, then open it again. Then it works.

Mine is actually a Glide Page, installed on my custom domain, installed on my phone.

Any updates. I’m getting this issue on my iOS phone and no resolution. I need to send this out to my people and have zero confidence this won’t be experienced by everyone. Anyone from Glide monitor these?

Do you have a link for us to test?

try using another network, like a new location on your browsers VPN

Try it again. Try restarting your computer and open it again

Ive had this happen on occasion and recently. Refreshing worked

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i’m having the same issue here. i’ve refreshed many times and it’s only on mobile. some people i share it with (it’s completely public) have experienced the same, while others can access it. it was working fine…i only created it last night/this morning and now i’m unable to move past. not sure i even changed anything for this to happen.

It’s the same here.The situation is very critical! None of our applications or websites are currently loading on mobile devices, affecting all users and visitors.

Same here.

just for more info - i even duplicated my app and published it and it’s the same thing going on.

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I don’t see anything on the status page. Do we have an outage @SantiagoPerez ?

My app is not working on iPad but is working on chrome browser (mac os).

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We are investigating. I’ll keep you all updated as soon as we know more.

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Where are you all located? This will help us narrow down any possible issue.