Application not working from Mobile


I am not able to call the application from Mobile, this problem started form today.
Weird messages appears, “Can’t connect to the Site” , “Could not load network resources”.
It works fine from laptop.
I don’t have any issue with Internet.
I am using free version.
Could anyone address this issue ?


I am experiencing the same problem . Anyone can help?

I am having problems with all the apps on the mobile version too.

Glide apps are not working

it works again.

No body responded, this happened from today

It also happened to me when using the app on my mobile and connected to the 4G/LTE network. And I noticed that when switching the network to WiFi, it was back to the normal and the app started correctly. So I guess it’s not an issue with Glide but an issue with our 4G networks overloaded due to the high load during the covid-19 crisis. Lot of people are using public 4G network for their pro audio and video calls (zoom, Google meet and so on).

I don’t think so, lots of users on my side are having issues accessing regardless on 4G or WIFI. They never had that issue prior, just today only.

Access i intermittent, sometimes its working other times its not. I have a few apps and all of them are having the same issues

yes , it does not work again. This is the message i receive ‘‘safari cannot open the page because it could not establish a secure connection to the server’’

Same message here…

This is the same problem as me. It was occured several times for me days ago, till now.

It is not a bandwidth issue. I tried through fast Wifi, it doesn’t work

Same here in Singapore… it works intermittently :frowning:

It was when this problem happened to me, the app always loaded using wifi. But there’s maybe an issue at Google cloud level for some part of the world…

Thank you for sharing this!

I noticed that Google Drive & Google Cloud reflects no problem, however as shared that Google itself has some problems.

Does that mean, hence we are not able to view/load because it’s web-browser based?

Thanks for helping us/me to clarify! haha.

If you look at details, you’ll see that the overall GCloid status is considered as good, but some problems have been logged, so not really sure if the overall status depicted is correct, or at least, to be taken as an evidence of the health status of GCloud…

I see… Thanks! Hope it gets resolved soon :frowning: