Glide is down again

Glide was down twice today that I’ve noticed…

Once in the morning (10am UTC+8) and right now (9pm UTC+8).

It might be more, but these were the times I checked today.

It might be good to have a dedicated up/down page or something. As I just shared my app with a friend who could potentially have extended the app’s reach. And the only thing he said is… link broken?

Yeah, same here (Singapore). It comes and goes intermittently, it has been the whole of today.

It may be the same issue mentioned in these two threads?

hey! i’m in singapore too :slight_smile:

my app is

although i guess you can’t check it out now :woman_facepalming:

what’s yours?

SG too! Same here, very intermittent for the whole day, and theres no response from glide.


I have 4 Training Programme apps (this is one of them - for our training facility members, and of course are all down at the moment :woozy_face:

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Yeah… This is my third time experiencing this. Usually they respond pretty promptly, perhaps they are overwhelmed and busy trying to figure it out … :confused:

Hope they find the source and solution soon! :sunglasses:

Google services are not really healthy for some days or weeks, due to the covid crisis…


I am in France and all of my apps are loading quite instantly, so there’s non-issue inside Glide itself I guess.

Thanks for the link Christophe!

Interestingly, it says that everything is operational, but apps are still not working fo me.

Like you say, maybe Google is the problem here… The plot thickens!

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